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L&H Photography meets MK Designs: A Match Made in Heaven

I still remember sitting on my computer, scrolling through Facebook's marketplace when a farmhouse table post stopped me almost instantly. (They call that a wall grabber, by the way!) After clicking on the post, I realized very quickly that I had to get my hands on some of this beautiful handcrafted furniture. I followed the link to their Facebook page, MK Designs, (seriously, click the link... you WON'T regret it!) and I instantly fell in love with the talent of this husband and wife duo. We were in the process of moving, and I messaged Michael within minutes of being on their page. I was interested in approaching him about bartering. I sent him a message and kept all my fingers crossed.


Here at L&H Photography, we have always been open to bartering and swapping services with other creatives and small businesses. If we value your services, and you value ours, what better way to support each other than to trade services? We have traded for all sorts of things including tattoos, furniture, wedding venues, DJ services, hair and nail services, Airbnb rentals and so much more. So here's just a little shout out to all of the local business around us- we LOVE to barter! If you've been wanting a session of your own, and are interested in trading with a service that you offer, please feel free to shoot us a message so we can chat! We are the most easy going, carefree people EVER, so let's make some magic happen!

Now, back to all of the farmhouse, rustic, urban goodness

I sent Michael a message asking if they would ever be interested in a bartering deal. He responded and told us that they would be so excited to trade some beautiful furniture for a family session of their own! We got to planning all the details out... locations and outfits for the family session, stain, and paint color for the furniture. I couldn't wait for their family session, and also couldn't wait for my new stunning tables to arrive!

I cannot tell you how my heart felt seeing my farmhouse dining room table and matching coffee table come into my new home. To say I had all of the flutters and warm fuzzies would be an understatement. (I actually think I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.) These pieces of furniture could not have matched my home any better, and they were truly made with so much love, just for us. We added some of our own little touches, like accent chairs and a coffee table tray. Take a look for yourself at the amazing design work of MK Designs.

Yes, yes, you can say it. It's stunning isn't it?! Please, if you have ANY furniture needs, follow this link ----> MK Designs and take a look at Michael and Katy's work. You will not be disappointed.


Not only do I want to brag about the beautiful furniture that Michael and Katy design, but I would also like to take a few moments to brag about their beautiful family! Michael and Katy had the most well behaved kiddos that we have ever worked with! All 4 littles had striking blue eyes and smiles that can light up an entire room. Not to mention super polite and well behaved!

Beautiful furniture designs, beautiful family...

I swear the Clayton's belong on HGTV!

During their family session, we enjoyed some urban downtown vibes at the top of a parking ramp, then drove to location #2 with beautiful tall grass and gravel roads. Here's a little peak into the Clayton's Family Session.

It's official, my heart is a puddle all over again. What a beautiful evening we spent with this family. What soft and sweet moments we were able to freeze in time, the most important moments while their babes are still little and while time goes by way too fast.

Between the farmhouse furniture, and the gorgeous family session - Trent and I feel BLESSED to have met the Claytons. What a joy and honor it was to have worked with such another truly wonderful husband and wife team and their beautiful kids.

Match made in heaven? We think so. <3

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