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Tom & Krystal: The Most Epic Backyard Wedding Of All Time

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

When I saw Krystal and Tom's proposal on social media, I instantly melted. Tom decided to pop the question during an episode of "Taste-Off-Tuesday" where he had 3 different brands of mint chip ice cream. On the very last brand, Chilly Cow, he opened the pint of mint chip to find a ring box, instead of ice cream. To say that I got alllll the chills (hehe) would be a total understatement. I knew almost instantly that I had to get this gorgeous couple in front of my camera, and I had the most perfect of perfect ideas.

I reached out to Krystal and Tom about a session I would love to do with them, and the planning began. We ended up in Lacrosse, WI at the most adorable vintage ice cream parlor, and all of my visions came to life. Here's a few highlights from their incredible engagement session.

As soon as I saw the two of the arrive for their session, I knew they were my kind of people. All dressed up, and as gorgeous as gorgeous can get! We had a blast eating ice cream, milkshakes, and walking the adorable streets of downtown Lacrosse.


The day had finally arrived. The love day. The wedding day. It was here, and Trent and I were so excited as we loaded the car and headed towards the Frisky Back House AirBnB where the girls were getting ready! When I walked through the door, there was music jamming, girls laughing, and Krystal getting ready with all of her girls!

After all the girls were beautified, by their wonderful hair and makeup artists (seriously.. go check out Hair by Kathleen Heppelmann Mueller at Serenity Couture, and makeup by Krystal's very own BRIDESMAID Liz Guevermont @lizguevremontesthetician Girl, you the real MVP) it was time to head over to the venue. Special thank you to Rory and Lilly Londer of Rory’s Home Improvement for the most spectacular backyard atmosphere. When we arrived at the venue, we knew right away that we would need to get detail shots because WOWZA this place was amazing. Check it out for yourself!

I swear I could have taken photos of the decor and this venue for hours. After details, I hurried into the house because it was time to get Krystal into her dress! These are always such special moments, and Krystal’s mom was the one to help her into her dress on her big day. Many of us in the room got teary eyed during this moment, as all of her bridesmaids ohhh’d and ahhhh’d at how gorgeous Krystal was.

Do you feel like a bride?

I remember asking Krystal this after she was ready from head to toe, and she gave me the biggest grin as she excitedly said “Yes!” The day was completely flying by and it was just about time to start the ceremony.

Dreams really do come true...

The ceremony site was like something out of a dream. With a beautiful arbor made by Hank Ferland of Custom Floors and Remodeling, it was sure to make everyone attending swoon. Every single detail was mapped out so perfectly by Krystal, Tom and their loved ones. One of my favorite pieces was the vintage rug at the alter that was found at Blue Loom- Vintage Rugs. [@blue.loom ]

The atmosphere was sparkling as the guests enjoyed cocktail hour before the ceremony, and soon enough the DJ announced that it was time for everyone to take their seats.

It’s show time!

Before the big day, Benjamin Strong and Nick Foster of Boxcar Videography [@nickfoster @boxcarphotography @boxcarbenjamin] reached out to coordinate the Ceremony. I have to give a huge shout out to these guys who were so much fun, and really so easy to work with. We all got into our places as the music started to play! The groom walked down the aisle with his beautiful mother, and greeted his best lady, Jovie!

Here comes the bride…

So, here’s the thing. I’m a crier. Like, I cry at every single wedding that we photograph. But when Tom saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle, he was overcome with emotion. Emotion that soon flooded over every single guest as we watched him marvel over his bride.

After Krystal made it down the aisle, (and we all took a moment to compose ourselves) she too gave some lovin' to Jovie before meeting Tom at the Alter. I mean, who wouldn't want to love on this little cutie!

As Tom and Krystal made their way over to the Alter, they were greeted by their officiant, Robin Wolfram. We had a slight glitch at the start of the ceremony, no one was able to hear poor Robin. We took a quick "intermission" while Krystal and Tom laughed their heads off. When talking later in the evening, Krystal said it was one of her favorite parts of the whole day. Everyone got some good laughs in, and Robin said "Well, I guess this is a great time for pictures!"

As the Ceremony continued on, Robin talked about some questions she had previously asked Krystal and Tom. Some questions were quite funny, others super sweet. One of my favorites was-

" What makes you smile when you think about your partner?"

Tom Answered

"Knowing that she is now mine, for the rest of our lives."

Krystal's Response

"The way he makes me feel. He makes me feel beautiful, special, and loved. Just thinking about him I grin from ear to ear...and I get butterflies every time I see him. "

No one could hold back the smiles for the happy couple.

"You may now kiss the bride!"

Confetti poppers popped, and all the guests cheered as Krystal and Tom were officially announced as Mr. and Mrs. Jorgenson. The kiss is always magical at any wedding we photograph, but this particular moment goes down as one of my favorites we have ever captured during a ceremony!


This Wedding Party was a hoot and a half! We had a blast being goofy, acting like models, and getting in some amazing photographs! One of the things that made this Wedding Party so special, was the way that they all stepped up for Tom and Krystal. Anything they needed, they were there. Every single moment of the day, someone was offering to help make things absolutely perfect. What an amazing group of people to have in your corner!

Just a few moments alone...

We always like to give our couples a few moments alone during their Wedding Day. One of the best times to do this is during Bride and Groom Formals. All I can say after spending this time with Tom and Krystal, is that these are two of the happiest, most in love people I have ever met. I swear, the grin on Krystal's face never wavered, and Tom never took his eyes off of her. Here's a few of our favorite images of Mr. and Mrs. Jorgenson.

Beautiful flowers from Wholesale Collection from The Bouqs Co bouqs.com Arranged by Dedee Tibben [@thebouqsco @lientibben]

We were completely blown away by Krystal's beautiful gown, and the neat unique details of Tom's suit. Check out all of their findings below!

Dress: Finery Bridal Chic. Designer: Lis Simon Bridal [@finerybridalrochester @lissimonbridal] Suit: ASOS.com. Vest: Amazon. Shoes: Taft [@asos @taft]


Tom and Krystal rented a taco food truck for their wedding day. I'm telling you, most epic backyard wedding of all time. So of course, the two had to share a few tacos together before their first dance.

All my love, for all my life

It was time for the first dance. As the DJ announced in Mr. and Mrs. Jorgenson, all of their loved ones gathered round while they danced together. How sweet are these two though, for real?


Not even moments after their slow song ended, DJ John Gavin Boss of Aventi Music Group [@aventidjs @johngavinboss] cranked up the music loud and got the whole crowd dancing! After Krystal changed into her AMAZING sparkly romper [ Vici Collection @vicidolls] the two joined all the party goers! Trent and I have never seen so many guests at a wedding tear up the dance floor! It was incredible to see, and let's be honest- it was incredible to be a part of! We danced with everyone for hours, capturing some amazing photos and enjoying this spectacular wedding! Be sure to click the arrows below to see some AWESOME dance photos of Tom and Krystal!

"Let's take a selfie"

Tom and Krystal's cake was one of a kind. Shout out to Nothing Bundt Cakes for this delecious cake! Their cake topper was of the two of them taking a selfie together. Tom had the brilliant idea to bring the cake over to the dance floor and take a selfie with all of their guests. Little did he know that Krystal had a brilliant idea all of her own...

We couldn't help but laugh as Krystal kissed the cake off of Tom's face.

But before the night is over...

We've mentioned a few times now that this was the most Epic Backyard Wedding we have ever been a part of, right? Well, the night was about to get even more EPIC! Krystal and Tom surprised their guests with a firework show hosted by Rory and Lilly. You heard that right... a FIREWORK SHOW. I don't think it gets much more epic than that! These two love birds kissed, and twirled and laughed together as the fireworks lit up the night sky.

I don't think two people could possibly pull off a more Epic Backyard Wedding even if they TRIED. Krystal and Tom, your wedding, hands down, has been one of the most memorable weddings we have ever gotten to be a part of. Thank you so much for sharing in your special day. We wish you two nothing but love and happiness for all the years to come! Keep it epic you two, and don't ever lose that spark! Xoxo Lexi

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