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L&H Photography Presents: "A Surprise Proposal. The Party of a Lifetime"

When my brother Kaeleb first started dating Miranda, we all fell in love with her instantly. She became a huge part of our family from the get-go. With her bubbly personality, and her bright beautiful smile, she was sure to win over my brothers heart along with anyone else that met her. Here's a little throw back to the very first session I ever did with these two lovebirds.

Miranda and I clicked instantly. SO much so, that Trent and I asked her to be a bridesmaid in our wedding in 2016. She felt like family from very early on, and as a girl with 3 brothers, I was pretty excited about welcoming a (someday) sister into my life.

So as you can imagine, when Kaeleb came to me and my mom telling us that he wanted to start planning a proposal, I naturally squealed and screamed and jumped around like a little kid on Christmas morning. It was (FINALLY) time to start planning how he would ask her, and I was so freaking excited I could barely contain myself.


When we first started talking about a proposal, we were in the early stages of planning a 25th wedding anniversary party for our parents. It was decided that all of us kids would give a speech/toast before dinner, and that Kaeleb would propose during his speech! This was also neat, as Kaeleb gave an incredible speech during mine and Trent's wedding. It just kind of fit perfectly.

We booked the party at the beautiful Pond View Barn (Click on the link to see more of their beautiful venue!), we contacted Big Tony, the incredible DJ of West Central Entertainment (seriously check them out, they're THE BEST), set up catering, and prepared to have the party of our lives.

Miranda's one request...

Miranda had one request when talking to Kaeleb about her proposal- that his family and her family were both there to see it. This was probably the trickiest aspect of the whole proposal, because our families live 4-5 hours apart and don't hang out on a regular basis. Kaeleb knew that if her family just showed up to the party, she would immediately know that something was going on. So, we began a super secret mission to get her family here without her knowing. We helped Jodi and Ken find a hotel, and found a way to keep it all a surprise!


When I say finally.... I mean FINALLYYYYY. This was a HUGE secret for us to keep for months and months and months! We got to Pond View Barn in the morning to start decorating for the party. My mom and I spent weeks making decorations, floral arrangements, signs and more, (my mom is one of the most incredibly talented women I know) and it was so fun to finally see it all come together. What an absolutely gorgeous venue for my parent's absolutely beautiful 25th Wedding Celebration!

It was almost time...

My mom, Miranda and I were at the bridal house next door getting ready for the party. We literally had every single detail planned out to a T. We got Miranda and Kaeleb to coordinate outfits by telling Miranda that we needed to match for family photos... We even told Miranda that since a makeup artist was already coming out to the venue to do my moms makeup, she got to get her makeup done too! (This was a total ploy and plan on my mom and I's part. We knew she would want her makeup done for her proposal!) Everything fell into place perfectly, and she never suspected a thing!

While we were getting ready, Trent picked up Miranda's family and drove them out to the venue where the would hide out until speeches. This was the most tricky and sneaky thing of the whole day- trying to get her family into the downstairs area of the barn without her seeing! We managed to get them hidden just in time for the party to begin!

And, Que Speeches!

Speeches started out with the youngest sibling of the four of us, Aiden. He wished my parents a Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, then passed the mic over to the middle brother, Gabe. Gabe held a bottle of silly string, and told a super cute story of how my parents met. My parents, Ryan and Tricia, met at a Halloween Party. My mom thought my dad was super cute, and shot him with silly string from across the room. It's been history ever since. <3

After Gabe's speech, it was Kaeleb's turn. The big moment was here. Miranda's family waited at the bottom of the stairs for some key words.

Kaeleb started off by talking about the love my parents have for each other. How wonderful the two of them are, and how great it's been to see that love unfold over the past 25 years.

Then he said...

"Knowing my parents and how wonderful they are, I knew that they wouldn't mind sharing in their special day as I've really had something weighing on my heart..."

At that moment, Miranda's family walked into the main area of the barn. You'll see on her face how absolutely shocked, surprised and full of joy she was in that moment as she realized that Kaeleb was going to propose!

He went on to talk about how the two of them met in college, and how the love he had for Miranda grew over the past 4 years. How he remembered painting her nails in the college dorm, and praying about someday making her his wife. He walked over to our dad who handed him the ring, and got down on one knee.

"Miranda, will you marry me?"

The room erupted into applause, and there was not a single dry eye in the entire barn.

Just a few engagement photos...

When your sister is a photographer, naturally you'll end up with some engagement photos after your proposal so that you can use them to announce to all of your family and friends. After we ate dinner, I took the two of them outside for some photos.

We rode around in a golf cart and literally chased the sun. It was golden hour, and we had the most gorgeous lighting and breathtaking sky. To say it was perfect would be an understatement.

After photographs, we went on to have the party of our lives. We shared laughs and drinks, spent time with family and friends, and danced the night away.

Shouting a huge "Congratulations!" to Kaeleb and Miranda!

Miranda, I couldn't ask for a better person to be marrying my brother. I cannot wait to officially call you my sister, and for all of the wedding planning to begin! Kaeleb, take good care of her. I'm so proud of you and who you're becoming, and I can't wait to see your relationship continue to grow. <3

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